The Three Acts

The primary aim of DNA is to bring together some of the most innovative minds in the world to have them co-create for social change. The DNA equation is: Conversation + Collaboration + CHANGE

DNA is not a talking shop but a results driven gathering, the are three clear challenges (Three Acts) being set by key UN agencies: UN ITU, and UNOP (UN Office for Partnerships).

“The aims of Decide Now Act are of the utmost importance. From education to disaster relief and infrastructure development we are bringing together the best and the brightest from every field to create a global network of experts that can help in any eventuality.”

 The Chairman of DNA, Mark Florman

The Three Acts are:

Act 1:


For the technology Act, DNA is partnering with British Airways. The airline is launching their first UnGrounded Innovation Lab in the Sky, flying 100 Silicon Valley founders and leaders from San Francisco to London. While on board they will use the 11-hour flight to design a platform to inspire and connect the next generation of innovators from the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to accelerate innovation in developed and developing communities. The results will be shared upon landing with the Secretary General of the ITU.

Act 2:

Business and Finance

As part of the Business/Finance Act, which is being lead by the UN Office for Partnerships, there is also an opportunity for UK businesses to bid for the “DNA-Profit with Purpose Prize”, run in collaboration with Bridges Ventures.  Bridges Ventures is a specialist fund manager which invests where market forces and entrepreneurship can be harnessed to do well by doing good.  The prize, comprising of an equity investment of £100k and hands-on support from the Bridges Ventures team and a group of experienced entrepreneurs and angel investors, will go to a charismatic entrepreneur committed to making a positive change in the world by building a scalable business delivering both attractive financial returns and compelling social or environmental impact.

Act 3:


The Humanitarian Act, the creation of a network of humanitarians that will sign up to community service for deprived communities around the world.