The DNA Summit (Decide Now Act), aims bring together the most innovative thinkers from across the world. By connecting those people who are committed to social change, we hope the Summit will foster some extraordinary collaborations and drive a new wave of global innovation.

It seems only fit for London to host the DNA Summit, not least as the UK will play host to this year’s G8 Summit, but also because of our long tradition as a centre for enterprise and endeavour. And London continues to lead the way. Take the social investment sector as an example. Here in the UK, we are building a new market- one that seeks to achieve not only financial, but also social returns. We will encourage funds to be directed towards charities and social enterprises, those organisations that deliver some of the most outstanding public services. It is through this sort of innovation, our twin desire to lead emerging markets and reverse long standing social breakdown, which ensures that London remains a global hub.

As Chairman of the Centre for Social Justice- a think-tank putting social justice at the heart of British politics and Chief Executive of the country’s Private Equity & Venture Capital Association – I am continually reminded of the need for business and society to work together. Only with a more entrepreneurial economy can we foster a stronger society. As UK Prime Minister David Cameron stressed earlier this year, business is “the most powerful force for social progress the world has ever known”. It can help alleviate poverty, act as a driver of innovation and help raise the aspirations of many.

The DNA Summit will award us an unparalleled opportunity to discuss these opportunities and more. I look forward to discussing these themes with you all in more depth at this year’s DNA Summit.

Mark Florman
The Centre for Social Justice, Chairman
British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Chief Executive


Mark Florman is an entrepreneur and current CEO of the BVCA (British Venture Capital Association), having over the past 30 years started an investment bank, a venture capital fund for Africa, businesses in media, transport (eCourier) and publishing, as well as a think tank (the Centre for Social Justice) and a school and community building programme in Africa, Mark’s professional life has always been a triangle of: business, government and philanthropy.  He is also Chairman of the Legacy List, Spayne Lindsay and is on the board of the Early Intervention Foundation.  He has been active in building partnerships between industry and policy makers for many years.